Canine Massage Guild

Case Studies


Weasel is 16 years old. She was in good condition and still very fit for her age when I first saw her thanks to regular hydrotherapy, plenty of exercise and a good diet. She did have a chronic injury in her right shoulder, and was taking pain relief. Shortly after her first session Weasel became very ill with kidney disease, and lost a lot of muscle tone. She also had to have her medication adjusted to help her kidneys. 

I now see Weasel roughly every 6 weeks, and she has physiotherapy in between. This helps to keep her moving freely, and especially helps to ease her neck and shoulder pain. She’s an absolute star to treat, coping so well with techniques that can at times be painful, and she always moves a lot better following her treatment.

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Amy is a 14 year old Patterdale Terrier and has Spondylosis. Alongside massage, Amy also has physiotherapy and hydrotherapy and the combination is working extremely well to keep her fit and moving as freely as possible. When I first started treating her, she had a very stiff neck and was struggling to move her neck to eat, or to walk up and down steps. 

I see Amy around every 6 weeks now, and despite some health set backs in between, she’s now feeling good, with much improved mobility, and is still enjoying long walks in the countryside.

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Bear is an 8 year old Labrador who I first saw due to persistent lameness in his forelimb following an injury 4 months previously. The first session relieved his lameness, but then it became apparent that he had limited range of movement through his hindlimbs. Bear was a model patient and two further sessions improved his mobility to the point where he was moving better than he had done for a long time. 

Bear is otherwise in great condition and his owner is great at spotting any signs of injury so I only see him if he starts to show any problems with his mobility, and normally only need one treatment to get him back to his best.

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Ellie is a 7 year old Lurcher, who had been showing intermittent lameness with no obvious cause. At her first treatment I found adhered fascia restricting her movement, as well as extensive scar tissue in her Epaxials, the muscles running alongside her spine. After three initial treatments Ellie was feeling a lot happier, back doing her normal Lurcher zoomies and getting into trouble again!

Lockdown interrupted Ellie’s treatment, but the plan going forwards is to give her maintenance massages so she can carry on zooming with ease as she gets older.

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