Canine Massage Guild

Case Studies


Weasel came to me at 14 years old, in great shape for her age, but with some stiffness especially in her shoulder. After becoming seriously ill with kidney disease she lost muscle tone. I treated her every 6 weeks, with a physiotherapist also seeing her in between sessions.

The regular treatment helped to keep Weasel moving freely, and eased her neck and shoulder pain. She was an absolute star to treat, coping so well with techniques that can at times be painful, and always responding well to treatment. Weasels owner nursed her through her kidney issues as well as doing what she could to help her continue to enjoy life, meaning Weasel had an enjoyable active life right up until she passed away at 16.

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Patterdale Terrier Amy came to me at 14 years old for support with Spondylosis. Alongside massage, Amy also had physiotherapy and hydrotherapy and the combination worked extremely well to keep her fit and moving as freely as possible. When I first started treating her, she had a very stiff neck and was struggling to move her neck to eat, or to walk up and down steps, but she responded well and was able to move more freely around the house and on walks.

I treated Amy around every 6 weeks, and although she had set backs with other health problems, she led an active life enjoying fairly long countryside walks and occasionally having mad puppy like zoomie moments! Her owner was proactive in seeking help whenever she spotted any changes in Amy, and followed all her at home advice, while still making sure she did the things she enjoyed. Sadly Amy passed away at 15 due to her other health problems.

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Bear is a Labrador who I first saw at 8 years old due to persistent lameness in his forelimb following an injury 4 months previously. The first session relieved his lameness, but then it became apparent that he had limited range of movement through his hindlimbs. Bear was a model patient and two further sessions improved his mobility to the point where he was moving better than he had done for a long time. 

Bear was otherwise in great condition and his owner was great at spotting any signs of injury so after his initial course of treatment I only saw him if he showed any changes in his mobility, and he normally responded well to one treatment. Bear has recently moved to Spain and is enjoying a very active and happy life there.

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Ellie is a 9 year old Lurcher, who had been showing intermittent lameness with no obvious cause. At her first treatment I found adhered fascia restricting her movement, as well as extensive scar tissue in her Epaxials, the muscles running alongside her spine. After three initial treatments Ellie was feeling a lot happier, back doing her normal Lurcher zoomies and getting into trouble again!

Lockdown interrupted Ellie’s treatment, but we’re back on track now, with maintenance massages at 4-6 week intervals to help her cope with pain and muscular issues from newly diagnosed arthritis. She responds brilliantly to treatment, always more keen to run afterwards, and getting up after sleeping easier. Then we know it’s time for a treatment when getting in the car, or on top of the log shed gets a little trickier!

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German Spitz Phoebe had puppies in 2019, and although she returned carefully and slowly to activity, she lacked speed and stamina when doing hoopers. One treatment soon got her running at speed and being able to work throughout an hours training class without tiring. We had planned more regular maintenance treatments but lockdown interrupted those! On return to training Phoebe had clearly slowed down again, but following one further treatment she now once again has the speed to match her skill and her owner knows exactly what signs to look for when checking her fitness.