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A162CE8B F717 4025 864E 55861CED8A83Scentwork uses your dogs natural abilities and amazing sense of smell to find and indicate a scent it has been trained to find.

I’m a Level 1 to 4 Scentwork UK trainer. Scentwork UK provides trials to test your dogs ability to find the scent they have been trained for, and allows you to gain qualifications and progress to more complex searches and multiple scents.

We start teaching your dog how to search and getting them interested by using food, but will quickly progress to searching for an article scented with cloves. Search areas include vehicle searches, tables and chairs, boxes and luggage, and an outdoor search with a range of objects. We work with a passive indication, meaning your dog will freeze or pause in some way to show you they have found the source of the smell, rather than picking up and engaging with the article. The indication is most commonly a nose touch, but can be anything your choose.

Scentwork is inclusive of all breeds and can be done by any age of dog. Searches are adapted for dogs with different needs so they don’t have to work above head height, meaning an elderly or tiny dog would have low searches to avoid them needing to jump up.

For more information on trials, and some very useful videos on getting started, check out

Upcoming classes and events -

SWAT dogs at Shapwick, nr Bridgwater - Classes run fortnightly on Tuesday evenings. Bookable in blocks of 4 sessions. Suitable for beginners up to level two. For more information check out or to book email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.