Canine Massage Guild

My Dogs




Poppy is a 12 year old Springer Spaniel. She retired from competitive agility at 6 years old after a diagnosis of Spondylosis. She’s been enjoying a new lease of life competing in hoopers this year, gaining lots of places in the veteran category. She now has severe arthritis in her right stifle and both hind paws. Massage treats areas of overcompensation from this, and helps to manage her pain. Despite her arthritis slowing her down a lot, Poppy is still active and determined to enjoy her twilight years.




Fly is a 10 year old Collie cross. She came to me as a very nervous 7 month old rescue and although she’s a generally happy dog now she still struggles with anxiety. She carries a lot of tension throughout her body as a result, so massage has helped to return her muscle tone to normal as well. She’s also a very stoic dog and hides injury well, so it gives me a chance to check she’s fit and well. She’s an extremely active and slightly reckless girl who thinks nothing of jumping off 4 feet walls, so it’s a good job I can check her over and treat her if needed!



Finn is a 7 year old Springer cross. He’s an active boy who loves to work. He retired from competitive agility originally due to eyesight problems causing a poor jumping style which led to a chronic shoulder injury, and has just had to stop even low height training due to a cruciate ligament injury. Fortunately he’s taken to hoopers really well, he’s very happy to be recovered and back to training again. Massage has helped to rehabilitate his larger injuries as well as helping to keep him fit and healthy by picking up small issues before they become serious.