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Canine Massage Guild

About Me


I’m Anna Willitt and I live on the Somerset Levels near Taunton, with my three dogs Poppy, Fly and Finn.

I first began working with animals in 2010 as the manager of an animal rescue centre, but soon realised my passion lay in working directly with dogs.

My interest in canine massage started when Poppy had a free muscular health check with a Canine Massage Guild member at an agility show which found a number of areas of discomfort. She had an odd jumping style, but I hadn’t noticed any other issues, however after three treatments I couldn’t believe the improvement in her performance and general movement. When she deteriorated much quicker than expected I was referred back to my vet where x rays showed she had Spondylosis. I honestly believe if Poppy hadn’t had that first course of massage, followed by referral back to the vets leading to an early diagnosis, her quality of life would have been very different.anna plus dog

Seeing the benefits for Poppy I attended the beginners and then advanced guide to canine massage workshops run by Natalie Lenton of the Canine Massage Therapy Centre, before commencing the full two year practitioner programme.

Training involved over 800 hours of study with a mixture of written assignments, practical study weekends, an externship of 10 dogs, and final exams. I am now a proud member of the professional association, the Canine Massage Guild, and complete a minimum of 25 hours of CPD each year to ensure my knowledge stays current.

Away from massage I also train, with my interest lying in dog sports. Poppy and Finn have both competed in agility, and still compete in hoopers. As well as training my own dogs, I also teach classes. I’m a full member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, an accredited Canine Hoopers UK instructor and a Scentwork UK Levels 1-4 trainer. I assist with beginners agility classes at Paws on the Levels, where I’ve also been training my own dogs since 2010. And my main area of training is hoopers, I started training classes at Paws4teaching in 2017 which still continue now with many of the original trainees still taking part, and now have now expanded to add more classes. Please see the separate Hoopers page for more details.